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Comic9.2.2011 - Before Dawn is moving! As the pic above states, BD is finding a new home at smackjeeves. The stuff that is up here will stay up but I will come back here (possibly) once I catch up.

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Before Dawn is hosted on comicgenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.The comic, pics and all related written info is 2004-2008, to Eeva Rossi. The french translations are copyright to my sister, Maria Rossi.

The fonts used in the making of BD have been 'Faerie','Aniron',and 'Beauvoir Demo' from Fontface. Font used in this version is 'Mutlu' from dafont.com the others are 'Christmas on crack' Font used in the omake's and chapter 8 onwards is Lafayette Comic Pro, a sharefree font I go from dafonts. All are copyright to their respective author/s. Flower brushes courtesy of kajika.